New Education Policy 2022

New Education Policy 2022

After years of learning in the old and traditional way, the time has come to enhance the education pattern of India. Coronavirus has paved the way for newer possibilities and innovative dimensions in the education sector. The new policy will have a new structure and functional changes in the education pattern.

India was having a backward education system with a lack of infrastructures facilities like electricity and internet availability. The new Education policy aims to increase the efficiency of every student and to give each child the space to select the subject of his own choice.

Today children do not need rote learning, they need the learning of facts and figures which will be possible with the implementation of this new policy. The new national policy is the first step in upgrading the education system to the global level. The new national education policy is set to reduce the burden of heavy schools bags on the shoulders of previous students.

National Education Policy

National New Education Policy 2022

The union cabinet of India has approved a new national education policy on 29 July 2020. This new policy has replaced the existing educational policy of 1986. The policy is the framework for elementary education till higher education including vocational training for urban and rural areas. The policy is set to bring positive change in the education sector of India. The focus of the new policy National Education Policy 2022 is the remodeling of India’s education policy.

Benefits of National New Education Policy 2022


  • Nobody is forced to take any particular language.
  • Students can choose language according to their choice.
  • Universalization of education from preschool to secondary school.
  • The previous pattern of schooling was 10+2 which now has changed to 5+3+3+4.
  • The new policy divides education into the foundational stage, preparatory stage, middle stage, secondary stage.
  • Four-year bachelor of education is mandatory to become a successful teacher.
  • What Is the National Education policy?
  • The national education policy has completely replaced the old policy to bring education to the national level. Different benefits will be provided to all the students under the new national education policy.
  • The formulating of the national education policy will help children to grow in various fields. The initiative taken by the Ministry of Education is a great step to improve the quality of education of the children of India with more focus on students’ mental health and social work.
  • A bank of credit will be provided to utilize the fund for education under the national education policy.
  • There will be an improvement in the field of research and innovation process to gain better results.
  • The policy will create a platform for the student to exchange their ideas that will improve their learning.

Implementation Of National New Education Policy 2022

Our education system needs a lot of improvement and thus the new National Education Policy has done a lot of work in reshaping and revamping all the areas of the undergraduate education system. The new national education policy is changing the background of higher education institutions in the current academic year.

After years of discussion and remission led to the implementation of the national education policy and bring an ambitious expectation from higher education institutions.

Objective Of National Education Policy

NEP 2020The objective of the National Education policy was to change the educational level from national to global level. The new national education policy made several amendments to the old policy and bring a positive change to the education sector of India. The national education policy will help in improving the children to get a good education.

The implementation of the national education policy was halted due to the pandemic of covid-19. The chairman of UGC has announced for the minimum qualification for teaching the students in various schools will be 4 years of integrated B.Ed. The reservation norms will be revised by the education minister Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank and the best education system for the students will be provided to students to build a better future.

Meghalaya and National New Education Policy 2022.

Indian Satate Meghalaya is taking the initiative to implement the New National Education policy. Meghalaya will become the first state to implement the new National Education Policy. The government will bring 2 crores students into the stream they choose and will provide guidance.

Provisions Under New Education Policy 2022

The national education policy is set to bring a million changes to India’s education system. This initiative will lead to an increase in the state expenditure on education from 3% to 6% of GDP. Below are the changes that will occur after the implementation of the National Education Policy:


The government of India has declared that preference will be given to the mother tongue and regional languages after the implementation of the new national education policy. These languages will be learned as a subject until class 5. Along with Sanskrit and foreign languages. The state will decide about the languages and implementation of these languages.

School Education

NEP School
NEP School

The old pattern followed 10 + 2 which got replaced with a new pattern 5+3+3+4 model. Below are the details of 5+3+3+4:

  • Foundational Stage- The stage includes the study of three years of school or Anganwadi and classes 1 and 2 in primary schools. The children learning in this stage are up to the age of 3 to 8 years. Importance is given to activity-based learning.
  • Preparatory Stage– The stage includes the learning of classes between 3 to 5 and the age of students will be around 9-11 years. The learning pattern will include subjects like Speaking, Reading, Writing, Physical Education, Languages, Art Science and Mathematics.
  • Middle Stage- The stage includes a student between 11-14 years and in class between 6-8. The subjects to be learned during this stage are Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities
  • Secondary Stage- The second stage includes classes of 9 to 12 for the student aged 14-to 19 years. Classes 9th and 10th will cover the first phase which and classes 11th and 12th will cover the second phase.

The students will appear for the exams only in class 2nd, 5th, and 8th. A new boards system will be implemented for the classes 10th and 12th. This system will help the students and will reduce the burden of studies from the students’ shoulders.

The burden of the students will be reduced by about 10% for the students of classes 1-10. The schools will have a digital weight machine to measure the weight of the school bags of the students.

The students of class 6th will learn through recording methods. The mid-day meal scheme will also be included that focuses on students’ health. Counselors and social workers will also be appointed in schools.


Higher Education

A 4-year multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree will be provided to the student with a certificate each year under the new National education policy and the degree of M. Phill will be discontinued.

The National Higher education regulatory Council will control the higher education including the teachers and will not include Medical and legal education. The national testing agency will conduct the entrance exams. This will lead to changes in IITs, IIMs and the students will experience internationalized education in India.

Teachers Education

Teachers EducationThe compulsion of a four-year bachelor’s degree for becoming a successful teacher. This process will lead to a strengthened and transparent recruitment process. This will ensure that the students are taught by passionate, motivated, highly qualified professional, and well-equipped teachers.


Other Major Changes

  • There are some other major changes which are made under the education system of India are given below:-
  • The prime minister of India will be the head of the National Education Commission
  • Academic Bank of credit will provide help in education by utilizing credit
  • The National Research Foundation will help to improve research and innovation
  • The preference will be given to the representative group of the disadvantaged people by creating a special education zone
  • A new platform will be created where students will exchange their ideas which will improve learning on a platform of National Education Technology.

Pre Primary Education under National Education Policy

The ministry of education has yet to implement the national policy in schools. The pre-primary will be added to the overall education from next year. This step is a great initiative that has been taken by the ministry of education which will strengthen the online education started in school due to Coronavirus. The ministry of education has suggested sending proposals to the education system from all states.

  • The high-level meeting was also organized by the Ministry of Education which was presided by Union Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank.
  • The step of implementation of the national education policy in India was decided in the meeting.

Benefits & Features Of National New Education Policy 2022

The benefits and features of this policy are as follows:-

  • The ministry of education has changed the old and traditional way of education policy to the New National Education Policy.
  • The name of the Ministry of human resource management will change to the ministry of education.
  • Education will now be universalized under the national education policy which will exclude Medical and law studies.
  • Earlier the pattern of 10 + 2 was followed but the new pattern consisting of 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 will be included under the new education policy.
  • Old education policies have divided higher education into Science Commerce and Arts streams but the new education policy will have no such stream.
  • Students can choose any subject, they can choose to account with social science and biology.
  • Students will be taught coding and decoding from the 6 standard
  • All schools will be digitally equipped and all contents will be translated into regional language.
  • Development of Virtual labs.
  • 6% of the GDP will be given to the ministry for implementing the new national education policy.
  • The student will be able to study Sanskrit and other ancient languages of India.
  • Board exams will happen twice a year That will reduce the burden on the shoulders of the student.
  • Artificial intelligence software will be used to make learning easier
  • M. Phil’s degree from higher education is removed.
  • The state will determine the there languages that the students will learn.
  • The national curriculum framework of schooling will be prepared by the National Council of educational research and training.
  • Many institutions will be established for implementing the National Education Policy.
  • Special attention will be given to the children’s education and their skills.

Process for Register Under National Education Policy

People who are interested in joining the National Education Policy Portal can follow the below steps :

For Register

  1. Visit the official Website of MYNEP2020.
  2. Open the home page.
  3. Click on the Registration option on the homepage.
  4. The registration form will appear
  5. Enter the details that had been asked like Name, Email ID, Address, District, City, PIN Code.
  6. After filling in the details, click on the Register option.
  7. Now You have been Registered under NEP Portal.

For login:

  1. Visit the official website of MYNEP2020.
  2. Go to the Home Page and click on the Login option.
  3. You now redirect to the login page.
  4. Enter the details like Username and password.
  5. After filling in the respective details click on the login option.
  6. You will be logged in.


The new policy will not give preference to the separation of academic streams like Science, Commerce, and arts but will focus on extra-curricular, professional streams in schools like literacy, and numeracy. Vocational learning will be made available to the children from the 6th standard. The mother tongue will be taught to the children. The new education policy is at a whole new level that focuses on the success of the child with a better future in mind.


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